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About Leadingpharm

Come and join us in the new era of pharmaceutical industry!

Company Introduction

  • 2005

    Founded in 2005

  • 900+


  • TOP10

    Top 10 Chinese pharmaceutical R & D companies

Founded in 2005, Leadingpharm (stock code 600222) is a high-quality supplier of pharmaceutical CMC, clinical CRO and MAH and other full-industry chain services to the world.It has been rated as one of the "Top Ten Chinese Pharmaceutical R&D Companies (ranked No. 1 in 2019/2020)" for many years.

At present, Leadingpahrm has established cooperative relations with more than 500 upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad. We have undertaken more than 1000 projects of pharmaceutical R&D and more than 1000 clinical research projects, applied for more than 200 patents, and obtained over 100 authorizations.

Since its establishment, Leadingpharm has taken"We make China a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology and production process" as the enterprise vision, committed to promoting the development of China's pharmaceutical industry with innovative R&D and service models and information technology!

Headquartered in Beijing Z-Park, Leadingpharm has a 10000-square-meter research and development  laboratory, a R&D team with nearly 1000 people. It can undertake API synthesis, preparation R&D, analytical testing, project approval, registration, IVIVR and so on. Leadingpharm has built a CDMO base in Lifezhengzhou, including Macromolecular CDMO Platform, Small Molecule CDMO Platform (compliant with FDA, EMA and NMPA GMP standards) and Zhengzhou Research Institute Branch (responsible for solid and liquid dosage formulation R&D). There is a high-end preparation R&D and MAH base in Chongqing, with a 4,000-square-meter R&D laboratory, responsible for high-end solid preparation and innovative drug, and can provide MAH related business. In Hangzhou, Leadingpharm has established first Pediatric Specialized Research Institute in China
, guided by clinical needs, committed to the development of children's preparations and drugs for special groups (e.g. people with dysphagia) by applying for various taste-masking technologies and changing the route of administration. Based on the R&D management team with over 800 people, as well as a mature drug R&D quality management system and rich project experience, Leadingpharm can provide customers with customized solutions from establishment to commercial transformation.